Finding New Comfort Foods

People who have been strongly advised to make a major change to their lifestyle often find it depressing to leave behind the foods they love, and they continually struggle to make better choices. They might cook a healthy meal, but what they see on their plate can be less than appetizing. It can be difficult to make big changes, but finding new comfort foods can help them adjust quicker to their new eating habits. These foods will be healthier for them, but they should also provide a link back to the foods that made life a happier time in the past.

Being raised on a diet that includes many unhealthy foods is often how people come to the point where they need to make changes, so the struggle is often one fought before they become adults. Fried foods are often part of the issue, but convenient items when snacking are also a contributing factor. Replacing these items with healthy choices can be difficult due to the severing of ties to their past, so it pays to consider creating new links by interfacing with older choices.

A person who was given unhealthy snacks as a child will tend to crave those same items as an adult, but modifying them can make a big difference. If they were allowed to eat something sugary as a child, finding a replacement snack made with honey could cut calories while giving them the same taste sensations that make the feel good. This is just one link they can use to create better habits while retaining their old memories.

Cooking the same foods in different ways is another path to healthier eating, and it can be done with many foods. Meats that were cooked in a frying pan might still receive the same treatment, but exchanging the butter for olive oil and adding new spices might make a big difference in future health while giving diners the food memories that have comforted them for a lifetime.